Our Story

Closet Chic has always been my dream! In college I started with Photography as my passion for capturing images began. All I wanted to do was style outfits and photograph them on others and make them feel beautiful. A year later, I switched to studying Hospitality. I love to serve others and decided that would be the perfect avenue. But once again, I changed my mind and landed in Fashion. It was the PERFECT fit for me! Closet Chic was my graduating business plan over a decade ago that I was too scared to begin. So I went into the cooperate world and became a buyer for a huge cooperation. After a few years in that fast-paced career I gave birth to my first little boy. I decided to stay home with him and put my career on hold. In 2020, as a stay at home mom (of 2), I was ready to jump back into the industry but this time FULL FORCE and on my own terms.

Imagine walking into your best friend’s closet trying to find something to wear and everything in her closet is so chic! She helps you try on all of her favorite outfits, you laugh, sip champagne, and try on some shoes… welcome to Closet Chic. Women will walk into my store and instantly feel the excitement. Customers will turn into friends and stop by just to chat and check out our newest arrivals. Here you can briefly escape the responsibilities of motherhood and work! Women will reach out to me when they have a special event to go to and know that I will have a fully stocked fitting room for them in their size when they get there. I will throw events for women to come and shop and try on dresses that make them feel beautiful and even though she may have nowhere to go in the dress she will still buy the dress because of how she feels in it, in that very moment. 

Closet Chic allows me to share my love of fashion and style with all women! Helping others feel beautiful is really what I love to do! I cannot wait to help you shop, and style you for all of your events! Whether you're a stay at home mama who likes to get dressed up once in awhile, a business woman, a girl who loves trendy fashion, and everything in between, I am here for you!